Live Blood Analysis


Melanie Keil is certified in Advanced Live & Dry Blood Analysis and Applied Nutritional Microscopy by the Live Blood London and Neogenesis System by Dr. Okker Botha. This course is CMA approved by The Complementary Medical Association.

It is fascinating for clients to be able to see their own red and white blood cells. With just a drop of blood, you can view cellular abnormalities, yeast growths, nutritional deficiencies, and even find allergies. With this information, you can tweak your nutrition and eliminate problems before they start!

While everyone should have a Live Blood Analysis done, regardless of their level of health, this tool can be especially helpful for people with concerns regarding:

  • Hormonal Imbalance,
  • Toxicity Levels,
  • Allergies,
  • An Impaired Immune System,
  • Chronic illness,
  • Poor Organ Function,
  • Vitamin Deficiencies, and
  • Environmental Sensitivities.

The body always gives warning signs when it’s struggling. Sometimes they are clear in the case of rashes, congestion, and headaches. Other times, the problem hasn’t yet made its way to the surface, and the effects are only visible on a cellular level.

Your blood brings nutrients and oxygen to trillions of cells every day. If something is impeding that function, wouldn’t you want to know? Your blood tells the story of your body. Live Blood Analysis removes the guesswork and gives you a clear picture of how to guard your most precious asset: your health.

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Initial Consultation & Live Blood Analysis Testing | $125

Blood Type Testing | $20
Colon Condition Testing | $40
Parasite Testing | $40


"My experience with Melanie was invaluable. Through my work in the natural health industry Melanie was able to confirm what I already knew was going on in my body.  I felt she was professional, compassionate and thorough.  It was a great experience and the results have helped me stay on track in good health." - Christy (32), Vitality Health, Sherwood Park

"I originally started seeing Melanie for colon hydrotherapy. I have to admit being a bit nervous, but Melanie put me at such ease during that first appointment that we developed a wonderful symbiotic relationship. Recently, she did a live blood analysis for me and WOW was I impressed!  From one tiny drop of blood, Melanie was able to determine the acidity of my body, the balance of my hormones, how my white blood cells are coping with their load, the health of my colon, liver, and pancreas and that I am vitamin deficient. I could see on the monitor that my white blood celIs were having to work too hard to do their job efficiently which explained my chronic sickness and why I was constantly tired. I needed to help them and she told me how. I walked out of her office newly informed and with a detailed plan for rejuvenating my plasma.  She gave me steps to a healthier me and I, and my white blood cells, are very grateful."  - Yvette C. (42)

"With our lives being so hectic and not eating as well as we should,  the live blood analysis was an eye-opening experience as to how stress and diet play a key role in our well being. Melanie took me through an interesting journey explaining the damage to my blood cells. She also helped guide me on the right path to help improve the damage that has been done. I would recommend this to anyone struggling to improve there health, healing from the inside out. It is never too late to reverse years of damage that affect our health." - Jean B. (53)

"I was intrigued to learn about live blood cell testing, after a gentle prick of the finger, Melanie Keil puts the blood under the microscope.  She can now see how well you are really absorbing your fats, proteins, sugars, and carbs, and if there are any infections or diseases.  You learn so much more analyzing your own blood and seeing it up on the screen.  If you need to make a few changes, it’s quite simple and Melanie will let you know what is best for you.  There is no pressure to buy products, and you can purchase supplements anywhere you like. The primary purpose is to analyze your blood and see for yourself how well you are doing.  I highly recommend everyone to do this." - Sherry K. (56)

"It was a very pleasant experience, I was a bit anxious at the beginning but soon got reassure by Melanie with her professionalism and knowledge, somebody you can trust right away. She explains step by step and gives tons of information in a way that is easy to understand and learn, it is amazing to see what you don't usually see with conventional medicine. I recommended her to many of my family members and friends, and I even got my grandchildren involved in it.  Highly recommend her and her services." - Elisa V. (57)